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Hi, I'm Penelope

I'm a Power Life Coach and Motivation Mentor.

I help people who are sick of self sabotaging because of limiting beliefs. I will help you to retrain your brain by revamping your belief systems in your subconscious mind, so that you can become the person you most admire!

My goal with Evouq is to guide you through an evolution. To hold your hand through the growth opportunity that life challenges offer, so that you can step into your own personal brand of strength and re-build your life the way you dream it to be.

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What Fans of Evouq Have To Say

  • Not only does Penelope inspire confidence and positive thinking, but she models the behavior that she is imparting onto her clients. Dealing with difficult to diagnose health issues, it's easy to lose hope. Through her guidance, I rediscovered my sense of urgency and determination- something that I'd thought I'd lost in this struggle. It is through Penelope's help and encouragement that I was finally able to have confidence to get answers and move forward!

    Bethany H. Chronic Disease Survivor
  • I enjoy your weekly tips from Evouq. I'm a massive fan of therapy and a lot of what you say about being mentally, physically and emotionally healthy really resonates with many of my own principles.




    Claire C. Life Transformation Hero

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  • Explore the power you hold within you to change your awareness of self and shine a light on why you have attracted your life experiences.

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  • Heal yourself by addressing unresolved emotions and memories. You’ll learn to not try slay your dragons, but rather invite them to tea.

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  • Develop a mindset practice that serves your wellbeing. Leave behind all of the old limiting beliefs, blocks, and excuses, and discover a whole new YOU.

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