Well, hey there! I’m so happy you’ve found your way to Evouq.

Evouq has evolved very quickly and is following me along my own journey of inspiration. My goal with Evouq is to inspire women to get the most of their lives— to shoot for their dreams!

I will use my knowledge around personal growth to motivate transformation and help guide people to empowerment and self-love. I have a strong calling to help people attract what they most desire through leading them into deep self introspection, inspiring perception changes and motivating positive transformation.

It is my hope that you will find these pages as a source of inspiration and adventure. My dream for you is to reignite your passion—  for yourselves, your lives and your relationships. To Evouq your best self and desire for more.

As women we tend to focus on the kids, our partners, our home, our careers…all while forgetting to invest in our own growth and in our relationship with self.

I have a very rich life story that reads about deep seated insecurity, losing love, losing my life savings, infertility and many more obstacles. And it too, reads about how I attracted the love of my life, wealth, 3 beautiful children & the life of my dreams, so that I can show others what is possible and how to create the life of their dreams.

It’s crucial to take notice of when your heart is telling you something is missing…

Do you have an empty feeling inside, something that feels like it needs to be filled up? Do you find you’re repeating the same mistakes over and over again in relationships and life? Are you living in the past and eternally with regret? Are you feeling rejected and rejecting yourself? Are you feeling totally unfulfilled and like you’ve given up on your dreams?  Do you want to stop self sabotaging your life?

Do you want to feel happy and have more meaning in your life? Do you want to feel worthy of love and find love. Do you want to discover a life that completely nourishes and fulfills you. To live your dream: live in your dream place, have your dream income, your dream partner and dream financial situation. Do you want to have adventures and fun and feel lit up inside?

If that sounds anything at all like you, do something before you’ve drifted too far from your dream life and too close to your greatest fears. The world we live in, the universe, is filled with infinite possibilities. Let me show you how to reclaim your Best Self and your Best Life.

“I can’t promise to fix all of your problems, but I can promise you won’t face them all alone.” — curiano.com

Let me help you along your journey. Let me help guide you and hold your hand along the path and across to the other side. Together, we will spark an evolution.

My Promise to You

I will always be real, no matter what. I will invest my time, love and energy in finding ways that work to achieve our goals. We will have fun. We will laugh. We will be inspired. We will evolve.

You will Explore, Discover, Evolve…

To kick this party off, I’ll share with you some quirky facts about me. I encourage you to reach out to me ([email protected]) so that we can grow together and have some fun in the process!

20 Random Facts About Me…

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa.

I absolutely love to read.

My hidden talent is that I can block my sense of smell without touching my nose (great for shooting tequila—just sayin’!)

I have lived in London 3 times.

I am terrified of bees. (why do they have to get all up in your grill?)

I hum when I’m eating something I really like. Mmmmmmm….

My favorite music is R&B.

I have been with the love of my life for over 15 years…and hundreds of diaper changes.

I’ve been to Thailand at least 6 times.

I have identical twin girls—sometimes even I can hardly tell them apart…

I have never liked tomatoes.

My lucky number is 3. And also 13. Okay, and 9, too.

My guilty pleasure is Chardonnay. #mommyjuice

I studied color therapy when I was 21.

Lemongrass is my fav aromatherapy.

The first thing I have every morning is a cup of tea.

I swear a lot, like a lot, a lot.

I’m a Virgo.

I’m scared of heights.

I have a witty sense of humor and love to laugh—even at myself! Life is just better with laughter in it.