about-pg-bgI held my breath… Ping. A Facebook notification came through- someone had replied to my thread! Melissa wrote, “Wow you got a diagnostic level high- 7.6 is extremely high.” Samantha wrote, “Yes for 11 pm at night 7.6 is high! I’m so happy you caught a high.” The responses kept coming in, validating what I suspected.

After over a year of trying to figure out what was wrong with me, I saw in these test results the confirmation that I likely did have Cushing’s Disease. This also then meant that I likely had a tumor somewhere in my body causing this deadly hormonal imbalance.

Instead of feeling devastated, I felt elated.

At that point I had been to eight doctors in just over a year. I had heard everything was normal so many times I wanted to bang my head against a wall. To finally see some evidence that everything was not normal, felt overwhelmingly validating and liberating. Oh my god, I thought, I was right! I’m not crazy. I was right. I grasped my husband in a frenzied embrace, tears streaming down my face, crying into his shoulder, “I’m not crazy! I’m not crazy! I’m not crazy!”.

Hi, I’m Penelope…

I’m a Transformational Life Coach, and someone with a long list of personal victories against difficult life challenges: Losing love and then finding love, transforming shame and non-existent self-worth into solid self-confidence and self-esteem, losing my life savings while immigrating countries through to manifesting my dream home just a few years later, having infertility and surgery to having three beautiful children including identical twin girls conceived naturally, and most recently removal of a brain tumor and remission from a chronic disease after having been sick for years.

Walking the path of enduring a chronic illness, especially one that is so rare, is by far the hardest life challenge I’ve had to face. But if there is one thing I have learned, it is that health challenges are a gateway, along with any other life obstacle, through which we can GROW and LEARN and ultimately (hopefully!) move through the gate into a new and flourishing era of our lives. Life challenges tend to shine a light on the things we need to deal with in order to transcend that growth. It forces us to deal with our stuff.

As a patient advocate, I have seen first hand the struggles that people suffering with chronic health problems go through on an everyday basis, and so I was inspired to design my signature program to address these issues.

I am in the process of studying for my life coaching qualification with a focus on NLP Technique. Neuro-Linguistic Programming describes the fundamental dynamics between mind (neuro) and language (linguistic) and how their interplay affects our behavior (programming) and bodies. I add to that a rich 18-year history of studying all things spiritual, energetic and health related. I like to call my approach quad-holistic as it focuses on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic components of our life journey.

I know what you’re going through right now, because I’ve been there.

When I first started to understand what was causing all my health problems, I in my usual tenacious manner decided exactly and methodically how it was all going to play out. I was single-minded and determined in my perception that I could make things happen in a certain way. I thought a lot about the outcome I wanted, believing that my sheer willpower could affect the trajectory of my journey. I used positive affirmations, meditation, visualizing, ANYTHING. I was going to make MY plan happen and in MY time.

But, in reality, and what I would soon learn, is that the way the journey unfolds just wasn’t up to me. When there is a lesson attached to life events, we cannot simply manifest our way out of it.

I had to STOP and learn to move through the stages of discovery, healing and evolution. Exactly as I have now laid out in Evouq Evolution program.

Each time things didn’t go as I planned, I was infuriated and heartbroken. I was miserable stuck in my own suffering from having been attached to my demands about how my life should unfold. I had forgotten how to be grateful for what I had, how to have acceptance and surrender, and how to find peace and humility.

Fast Forward To Today…



“I can’t promise to fix all of your problems, but I can promise you won’t face them all alone.” — curiano.com

Let me help you along your journey. Let me help guide you and hold your hand along the path and across to the other side.

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