If you’ve read my blog you’ll know I’m a big fan of therapy, but its really a specific type of solution. Therapy tends to look back, which is great for clarity and in depth introspection, but other times what you’re really looking for is your own personal cheerleader. Someone who is there for you, who knows your story, your goals, and who holds your hand along the journey of growth as you achieve your vision.

Now, that’s what a coach does, and what I can do for you! I will help you gain clarity around what it’s going to take to realize your goals and dreams. Coaching is about forward action and momentum, and as your coach I will spend time shining a light on obstacles in your path and how to overcome them for good.

1:1 Live Coaching Options

Audio or video

Program 1 – $249

Quick-start 30 day program

For those who want to get started working towards a specific goal, clarify their vision, get action steps, and ongoing support to generate momentum.

  • 1 x 60 minute Live Kick-off Coaching Call
  • Customized Action Plan with measurable steps
  • E-coaching access for 30 days

Program 2 – $199

Ongoing support 30 day program

For those who have already completed the Quickstart program, and who want ongoing support.

  • 1 x 30 minute Live Coaching call
  • Review and adjustment of action plan as needed
  • E-coaching access for 30 days

Program 3 – $599

Intermediate 3 month program

For those who know they a little need more ongoing support, this 3-month program with Live coaching and unlimited personalized E-coaching will help you will make amazing strides in whatever area you choose.

  • 1 x 60 minute Live Coaching Calls
  • 2 x 30 minute Live Progress Calls
  • Action plan with measurable steps & adjustment as needed
  • E-coaching access for 3 months

Program 4 – $1199

Intensive 3 month program

For those who want regular 1:1 Live Coaching, and unlimited personalized E-coaching helping you to make huge breakthroughs in your life.

  • 9 x 60 minute Live Coaching Calls
  • Action plan with measurable steps & adjustment as needed
  • E-coaching access for 3 months

Ala Carte Pricing

1 x 60-min Live Coaching Call $99

4 x 60-min Live Coaching Calls $346

30 minute Live Progress Call $59

4 x300-min Live Progress Calls $199


is a fab option for those of you who want to work with me, but have scheduling or budget constraints. Now you can enjoy the transformational benefits of working with a coach, with the convenience of connecting via email.

Sign up now for your FREE (introductory) E-Coaching offer!

Advantages of Email Coaching

  • Personal responses from me within 48 hours
  • Affordable alternative to phone and in-person coaching
  • Email when it is convenient for you; no need to schedule an appointment
  • Having a motivation mentor just a few clicks away
  • Flexible package options
  • Perfect for tackling your important life questions, decisions and dilemmas
  • Suitable for individuals who prefer less talking, and more pondering.
  • Have everything written down for easy reference later on.

Benefits of working with me:

Get ready to step into your Power with my customized coaching strategies!  I have a toolbox filled with resources to support your specific situation. By hiring me as your coach, you will get help:

  • Thoughtful prompts to deepen perception and growth.
  • Big personal Transformation!
  • Assessing and solidifying your personal goals.
  • A Customized plan with measurable steps to achieve your identified goals.
  • Identifying and removing obstacles to achieving your vision
  • Support, encouragement and motivation along the journey
  • Reading recommendations
  • Growth Tools & Exercises
  • Journal prompts
  • Weekly goal assistance; and more

If you find the introductory email exchange super helpful and see the potential for it providing noticeable value for you, just choose one of the following options that best suits you:

VIP Access → $150-275

Unlimited email access

My most popular package giving you Monday – Friday access to me. Send as many emails as you like, and build up lots of resources to boost your forward momentum. Ideal for more in-depth focus and attention around a single or several challenges/goals where long term change and results are desired. If you feel you need more support just sign up for another month.

1 Month of Email Coaching – $150

2 Months of Email Coaching – $275

Quickie → $30

One and done email access

Ideal for single focused goal or challenge that you desire immediate action or change around.

Do you feel you just need a bit of support or clarity around something? Maybe you just need a little kick in the butt? This is a one email deal. You send me an email with information about what’s going on for you and what you’d like to achieve, and I’ll send you a detailed email back with thoughts, techniques and resources to help.

Motivation Mentoring → $99 for 2 months

Weekly accountability check-in

Need a motivator to keep you on track with your goals? This is not coaching, this is just me being your accountability partner, helping you achieve your goals and encouraging you to go get it! Maybe you need help sticking to your fitness goals, or making time for your personal growth focuses. You tell me what your goals are and every Friday you send me a check-in email letting me know how you’re doing. I’ll send you a brief reply with supportive words, motivation and inspiration to help keep you moving forwards. I’ll be your motivation mentor for three months, and then we can reassess. You can of course move onto any other coaching package at any time.


Payment is accepted at the start of your selected program and/or at the beginning of each month

All major credit cards are accepted.

Money Back Guarantee if you are not totally satisfied with my level of input and support!